Safety and security measures

Safety and security measures

At Bio-International, we select materials and give careful consideration to the shape and structure of each part, because we know that products such as Nose Mask Pit NEO, Nose Mask Pit SUPER, Nose Mask Pit, and Pit Stopper come into direct contact with nasal membranes and will be used by people who experience nose troubles.

Selection of materials

We will not compromise on materials, because they touch our customers.

The inner and outer covers, which directly touch the nasal membranes, are made of elastomer resin, which is also used in medical equipment. The frame that connects the right and left filters is made of polypropelene, which is gentle on the skin. The non-woven cloth that acts as the main filter is made of polyester spunbond.

Shape and structure of each part

It is designed to feel comfortable and natural.

The inner cover is dome shaped so that it touches the nasal membranes gently and remains comfortable to wear for a long time. The frame moves freely with various facial expressions. The structure contains a total of seven parts, which do not come apart with regular use. If they do come apart in the nose, they are designed so as not to be inhaled.


We check products directly with our own eyes.

All of the parts are made completely in Japan and have been carefully tested. The parts have been checked, all products are visually inspected during assembly, and all products are sterilized with ozone and infrared in order to ensure safety.


Expanding sales to countries such as the US and China


This mask can be washed and used again


Winner of the Matsuyama Brand New Product Contest


Safe and secure: made completely in Japan