History of Bio-International

Founder and CEO Hiroyuki Higashihara has developed and patented many different products, and he established Bio-International Co., Ltd. on Heiwa-dori in Matsuyama City on August 9, 1988, in order to market these products. He started the company with the intention of independently developing products involving air, water, and oil, and spreading bio throughout the world.


  • Development of water related products

    Development of purification systems for industrial and building use

  • Development of oil relate dproducts

    Development of oil related products

  • Development of air related products

    Protects against environmental pollution including hay fever in Japan, as well as PM2.5 and very widespread environmental pollution, organic chemical pollution, and yellow dust in China, and sand dust in desert regions. Focusing on this, we began to develop the Nose Mask as a completely different comfortable and fashionable mask that no one notices. Initially, we formed a project team of approximately 10 members, including mold makers, designers, mechanical designers, robot makers, and materials makers, who had monthly meetings and finished the project in approximately two years. During repeated product monitoring and testing, the company president himself became a guinea pig because of his pollen allergies. In particular, because the nerves in the nasal membranes are sensitive, he became a good monitor in terms of creating a comfortable product. When we exhibited a product sample at the Third Chugoku/Shikoku Business Fair for Unique Products held in Hiroshima in February 2005, the response from visitors, including TV stations, was very good, and we were asked by many to start selling the product soon. After some further improvements, we exhibited at the 60th Tokyo International Gift Show and began to develop a sales network for the product.

  • Test sales of the Nose Mask Pit Series

    At first, we sold primarily online, and our first store sales were at Tokyu Hands Shibuya. The product has been introduced on many TV programs each year, and sales have tripled each year. Positive feedback from the market led us to release a new and improved product.

  • Renewal of Nose Mask Pit Series

    Three years after test sales in 2005, we released a new and improved product on September 15, 2008. Sales were much higher than initially expected. Since then, we have also released products such as Pit Stopper for runny noses, PM2.5, and Nose Mask Pit SUPER for runny noses and air filtration. In February 2018, we released the softer Nose Mask Pit NEO. There is no end to research and development. We will keep trying to develop better products to satisfy customers.

  • 2016年

    Started full-scale export to the Russian market

    In 2016, a contract with Russia "Dobronos LLC" was concluded, and overseas exports of three types of nose mask pit, pit stopper, and nose mask pit super began in earnest. On the Russian market it is marketed by Dobronos LLC under the names Dobronos Comfort (Nose Mask Pit), Dobronos Plus (Pit Stopper) and Dobronos Ultra (Nose Mask Pit Super). [ Dobronos is a registered trademark of Dobronos LLC / Dobronos LLC homepage ]

    Dobronos LLC


Expanding sales to countries such as the US and China


This mask can be washed and used again


Winner of the Matsuyama Brand New Product Contest


Safe and secure: made completely in Japan