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Shut down a pollen without being noticed !!
Nose mask with ultra soft touch !!

・Protect a pollen, PM2.5 and air-born dust by tenderly inserting into nose.
・Specially effective for patients who are unwilling to wear mouth mask or drink medicine in case of a pollen trouble.
・Stress free nose mask because of ultra soft touch feeling.
・Upto 10 times washable
・Protect 99% of small particle for 0.1 micro mater by using special filter against N95.
・Good for a person like guest service who feels hard to wear the regular mask.
・Good for protection against frosted eye glasses and a makeup trouble.
・Using high resolution of filter which covers enough protection of RFE 99%
・Our original products of Pit series were already sold over 2,9 millions packages.
・Our products have been announced throughout nation wide via major media in Japan.


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●Pit Series Patents
[USA Patent]
 Patent No:US 7.207.333 B2
[Korea Patent]
[International Patents Pending]

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