If you are sensitive to pollen in early spring, taking measures to prevent pollen allergy is possible with the Nose Mask Pit.“Nose Mask Pit, ” is manufactured by Bio-International Co., Ltd., and uses a high-quality polyester spunbond non-woven cloth filter with a pollen filtration rate of 100% (certified by examination voucher), and provides superior safety with its anti-bacterium and mildewproof finish as well as the removal of pollen. The Nose Mask Pit is widely utilized not only for anti-pollen measures against escalting hay fever, but also for prevention of dust, fumes, and pollution in factories or on construction sites.

For those who are bothered by a runny nose, this Pit Stopper is an evolved pollen prevention mask! “Pit Stopper” is an evolved pollen prevention mask, and its filter is sponge-shapes to stop the pollen that causes hay fever. In addition to pollen removal, this mask also acts as a nasal plug to suppress a runny nose due to pollen sensitivity. The “Pit Stopper” plays the double role of filter to remove pollen and stopper to suppress runny noses.

Features / Name of Commodity Nose Mask Pit Pit Stopper
Usage Guards against pollen and dust Inhibits runny nose
Symptoms Runny nose not present Runny nose is present
Air Permeability
How to Use Insert as it is Requires water
Feeling of Use ◎ Soft touch
Structure Thin filter
(polyester spunbond non-woven cloth filter)
Thick sponge
(cellulose sponge)
  • Correctly inserted if it comes in close contact with the base of the nostrils.

  • Should be no space between the mask connector and the base of the nostrils.

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